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Palmyra Sweeteners

Cash crops are causing the falling of Palmyra trees. Urbanization and rising cost of living is pushing prices down for the farmers. Whom are driven to more lucrative crops for their investments. The future may not see Palmyra plantations in the future. 

This a home made palymra sweetener that has less sucrose and more fructose. What does this mean, it is better sweeter than Honey or cane sugar. There was time when obesity was a not a problem, today it goes back to the production of sugar that is high sucrose. The men who made us fat, were the cause for driving the production of unhealthy sweeteners. It made is cheap but if you compare with 1 ton of cane 50% less than 1 ton of palmyra. The cost of producing sweeteners using Palymra is more efficient and healthier option.