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So, What Goes Into Your Your Curry?

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Appiah’s Hut Trading provides just the right answer for you

Have you gone inside your kitchen like a (wo)man on a mission, hoping to emulate your mom’s finest cooking only to end up short? Fret not, it isn’t (mostly) your fault.

You are concerned on the freshness of the meat but tend to overlook on one of the most important aspects of a tasty and healthy cooking. Spices. Fret not, Appiah’s Hut comes with a healthier solution for your dilemma. Organically produced Sri Lankan spices.

Appiah’s Hut imports freshly grounded organic spices, for you who seek a healthier alternative to your everyday eating habits. Sri Lankan’s organic farming focuses crops grown with as many natural elements in it. An organic farmer relies on the awareness of his chemical-free crops.

For example, a conventionally-made curry powder is brighter and contains more oil than its natural counterpart. An organic curry powder that Appiah’s Hut offers, leans more towards brown due to organic condiments added in it and is richer in taste.

It also has less oil since there no added preservatives so it is easier on your digestion and the food prepared with it tastes richer and fresher.

So, what should go in your curry? A balanced, healthier, tastier, organically harvested Sri Lankan spices or manufactured, chemically drenched spices which are harsher to your digestive systems?

It may be easier than you think when you know you’re in a win-win situation when your choice not only benefits you and your loved one’s health but also ethically helps the farmer who grew the crops. So, head to Appiah’s Hut to make your healthier purchases.

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