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Greatness in Gingelly

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Gingelly or Sesame seed oil is a staple in every Hindu’s month during the celebration of Deepavali.

Celebrated among the Indian diaspora in South Asian and South-East Asia as well reaching the Fiji Islands and African continents, the Indian descendants brought along with them this beneficial custom of including Gingelly oil in their daily lives.

Called Thala Thel by Sri Lankans, the oil contains numerous health benefits which include, ingested orally or consumed with food. The epic poem of Mahabharata scriptures, dating back to 4th BC, states the benefit of Gingelly when mentioning Ayurveda.

That’s why oil bath was a weekly affair for many Indian families. This practice is now gaining more strength these days as the awareness of Gingelly’s benefit and oil bath’s purpose are researched. It’s also why many people in South India and Sri Lanka smear Gingelly oil on their body when heading out and doesn’t get affected by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Research shows that Gingelly oil nourishes the skin and cures skin fungi, like athlete’s foot. Regular usage would also reduce the breeding of bacterias. (Gunatillake, 2012)

Packed with antioxidant properties, Gingelly oil is a trusted home-based medicine for your everyday need. Slightly laxative in nature, Gingelly oil is largely used in India, namely Kerala and Sri Lanka for its medicinal properties. Ayurveda practice all over the world attests to this oil and hence it’s Tamil name; Nallenai meaning good oil for its multitude of good use and therapeutic nature.

The fact that lights lit in Gingelly oil, does not tire or irritate the eyes and the lights offer a refreshing surrounding because it's known as a component to reduce stress. Organically produced Gingelly oils do not contain added colouring or preservatives so the benefit is many folds.

Appiah’s Hut imports organically produced Gingelly oil, from Sri Lanka and come in two packages, which is the 375ml bottle and the 750ml bottle.

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