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Let’s Eat a Healthy Rainbow

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If you’re thinking, how does one eat a rainbow, fret not. You can. By including rainbow (coloured) food groups daily which provides maximum benefit for you.

Here are examples of food groups you should consider including in your dietary.

  • Red: Rich in lycopene, quercetin, hesperidin. Food groups under this group reduce blood pressure, tumour, cholesterol and support production of joint tissue for those suffering from arthritis. Watermelon, tomatoes, and papaya fall in this category.
  • Orange: Rich in beta-carotene, lycopene, flavonoids, potassium and Vitamin C. Help reduce age-related disintegration. It helps reduces chances of prostate cancer, blood pressure. It helps repair damaged DNA and increases collagen counts. Examples including oranges, carrot and pumpkin.
  • Yellow: Very similar to orange food group but includes beta-cryptothanxin and zeaxanthin. Prevents heart diseases and cataracts among others. Examples include banana, lemon, and corn.
  • Green: The most common food group recognised and consumed for its high nutrient and flavonoid content. Allows high absorption of vitamins and minerals for the body. Any green-leafed vegetables fall under this category.
  • Purple/Blue: Contains high phytochemicals which are powerful anti-oxidants. Blackberries, blueberries, purple cabbages are a few examples.
  • White: Used sparingly, this helps maintain balance in one’s system. Common food groups include white carrot, garlic, cauliflower, and cassava.

Food processed naturally ensures maximum absorption of minerals and vitamins in our system. Chemical-free and natural-farm processed food is the wiser choice for the health conscious among us.

Appiah’s Hut realises the wealth of health and hence ensures its offerings always focuses on freshness, quality and chemical-free harvests that it brings to its online consumers. Head to its online shop to check out its multitude of offerings.


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