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Sweet Tradition

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Sweet delicacies are known to be stapled in Tamil Tradition, right from Sangam Era. One such South Indian delicacy is Adhirasam.

Recorded during King Krishnadevaraya’s reign between 1509-1529, Adhirasam, noted in the inscription which mentioned recipes includes rice flour, jaggery, butter and pepper.

Though white sugar is being used these days, palm sweets (jaggeries) were more sought during Sangam era as it was healthier, cleaner and easier to produce. These organic sugars offer a healthier option as it’s easier to digest and absorb in one’s system.

Adhirasam offered a healthier balance of food where it’s the right mixture of spices and sweet. Even in food groups, sweet is an important aspect and the Tamil culture identified the need for sugar in one’s system to function optimally.

Appiah’s Hut offers Palmyra sweets in four different packs, namely 80-gram, 200-gram, 250-gram and 500-gram. It also comes in three different types, i.e.: Kuttan, Katti and Agro. Organically produced in Sri Lanka, these jaggeries can enrich your food for the thickening, rich taste or used in your drinks to sweeten it.

Appiah Hut’s organic offering would mean that your home-made sweet delicacy can be healthier and organically option as well. Head now to Appiah’s Hut to make your purchase during this festive season.


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