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Why Your Diet Should Include Red Rice Flour

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Sri Lankan Red rice

Red rice is a botanical branch of Asian rice i.e.: Oriza Sativa (Ascheri, Boêno, Bassinello, & Ascheri, 2012) stands out among the types of rice available worldwide because it contains high Anthocyanins. Initially shunned as its considered lower quality, it’s nutritional quality soon elevated it as a highly sought rice among the health-conscious people. The Anthocyanins is also the pigment that gives food a rich colour of blue, purple or red.

These pigments are responsible for acting as anti-oxidants. Other food groups known to have high Anthocyanins include blueberries, cranberries and blackberries and even grape juice. For those of us who consider healthy food intake in rainbow colour (Schaeffer, 2008), red rice flour is a good replacement for white rice as white rice contains fewer antioxidants and more carbohydrate and starch.

Organically harvested, these nourishing red rice is then grounded and roasted to be packaged for later consumption. The fact many Sri Lankan households swear by its benefits is a testament to its medicinal quality. Sri Lanka’s organic red rice flour consists of these high nutritional benefits.

Other benefits of red rice flour include, it prevents the building of toxic cells, which avoids cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Rich in fibre, these flours can be used to make steamed puttu as steamed food contains richer taste and natural preservation of nutrients when compared with fried food.

Appiah’s Hut, knowing its nutritional value of red rice, offers red rice flour for your everyday dietary needs. Appiah’s Hut offers three brands of these healthy red rice flour in its online shop. Poopathy, Mahaweli and the third is MDK. Each package weighs 1kg package.


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