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About Us

Appiah's Hut brings the products of Sri Lanka to Malaysia. It started out as a trial but when as we used the products ourselves, it seemed to have such high quality. The quality we used to get here in Malaysia before it was infiltrated with profits. We wanted to bring back that quality in the spices that we have enjoyed here in Malaysia before. This is a project to revive the connection, that we once had with Sri Lanka. Due to the civil war and political reasons, the links have dissipated away for last 35 years. However, despite all this Appiahs Hut intends to rekindle our taste buds with spices from Sri Lanka.

There are specialty and unique spices common only to Sri Lanka. Due the uniqueness of preparation, it has remained true to its roots for the longest time. We found that the preparation methods were still very down to earth. There was no mass production facilities, only cottage farmers and small factories supporting their demands. Spices form a very integral part of both the Tamil and Sinhala people. Their culture of unique farming methods has produced the most exquisite taste in South Asian cooking. You will know the difference once you try it. 

We have begun to work with the farmers in Jaffna region to help bring the true essence of our grandmothers spices and herbs. We will strive to bring the best to Malaysia at the lowest possible prices.