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Spice Coffee - 150 g

Spice Coffee - 150 g


Anna Spice Coffee

The robust flavor of coffee has long been enjoyed as a morning wake up, but more and more these days it is being used as a culinary ingredient. Surprisingly, the flavor of coffee isn’t as bold in cooking and adds more of a subtle, wonderfully pleasant background note.

Coffee, black pepper, cumin, Alderwood smoked salt, brown sugar, cocoa, mustard, coriander and chipotle

Sure, you can use our coffee rub to caramelize and sear a tasty steak, but also give it a try on other meats and in chili, sauces and more. We've even created a great Rigatoni with Coffee Spiced Sausage recipe for it. We handcraft this blend by starting with a dark roast coffee and mix into it just the right amount of black pepper, cumin, Alderwood smoke salt, brown sugar, cocoa, mustard, coriander and chipotle.

Comes with a metal air-tight container, once opened, ready to be stored in the tin with an air tight lid. Store in cool temperature to preserve the flavour of coffee and natural Jaffna spice aroma. Makes 8 cups of coffee. The taste will last in your memory forever. It is definitely something that you would have never tasted before. The spices accentuate the coffee to a be more robust and firm. The spices prepares the pallet for the coffee flavour to pierce through. Packaging: 150 g per tin.

Product of Sri Lanka


Coffee 70%, Coriander 25%, Spices 5%. Slight flavor of dry ginger.

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