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Sambaa Rice

Sambaa Rice


There are 3 variants of Sambaa rice. 

Keeri Sambaa Rice

This is a special type of variety in samba rice. The grains are smaller and tastier than other samba rice. Keeri samba rice is smooth and has a separate taste and aroma. It is mostly used for biryani and fried rice. It is free from sand, stones and black seeds. Keeri samba is gluten free and non sticky.
In Sri Lanka, Keeri samba is grown in natural paddy fields using traditional agriculture methods. Main paddy field producing districts in Sri Lanka are Anuradhpura, Ampara, Monaragala, Polannaruwa and Puttalam. It is grown during Yala and Maha cultivation season. Keeri samba rice has more vitamins and minerals absorbed from rice bran.

Jeeraga Sambaa Rice

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Jeeraga muthu and Jeeraga Sambaa, both of which are aromatic rices, are the most available varieties in the United States. The tiny-grained Jeeraga samba gets its name from its resemblance to cumin, which is known as seeragam or seera by Tamils, and is the most expensive rice grown in that southern India state. Seeraga samba is an ingredient in biriyani, a traditional Indian dish. When cooked properly, seerage samba rice grains are fluffy and loose. The important thing to know about cooking rice is the uncooked to cooked yield. The basic cooking instructions vary little.

Keeri Nadu Sambaa Rice

This is the most expensive and it is famed to melt in your mouth.  One may be tempted to eat a lot of samba during a meal because the grains are smaller than other varieties, absorption to the digestive system is quicker. I loved eating this rice very as a kid. Now I have this opportunity to share this joy.


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