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Gingelly Oil

Gingelly Oil

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Gingelly Oil or Sesame Oil

A natural edible oil derived from Sesame seeds. It was first known to be used by the Mesopotamian civilization in 2000 BC. This oil is very important for the worship of the Ruler of Saturn among the devout Hindu's. The oil helps hair regrowth and it is used for all muscle and body ailments. It is used in religious functions (such as oil baths and Ayurvedic treatments) and has a very close relationship with the South Indian Tamil cultures. Packing: 375 ml or 750 ml bottles

Product of Sri Lanka

This oil is produced in very religiously by the people of Lanka. It is very important ingredient in the Appam. To get the appams to form a strong consistency, the right amount and the correct Sesame seed oil must be used. There is no ingredients because, it is the purest form of Sesame Oil made possible.

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